First Class! CD

4 Open Square Way #403 Holyoke, MA 01040 | 413-536-6200


First Class! CD

Sample Tracks

Band 1. Dance March
Band 2. Plies
Band 5. Jetes
Band 9. Rond De Jambe En L’Air
Band 12. Grande Battment
Band 16. Fondue
Band 17. Frappe
Band 19. Releves
Band 26. Medium Jump
Band 30. Allegro
Band 33. Reverance
“Thank you for the wonderful experience that we are having at your school … she loves her class and teacher and I like that your school isn't focused on body image, but rather on the fun of the dance itself.”
“MAB has given each of them a certain mental toughness and tenacity that will serve them well in their lives no matter what path they choose. I am so grateful to you both. The positive difference you are making in the lives of so many young people that walk through the doors of MAB is your legacy. It is about so much more than ballet.”
“I’m very glad to find in America a school that is so similar to Russian Ballet. Thank you for preserving the classical dance tradition.”
Alla Osipenko    

In 2008, the Massachusetts Academy of  Ballet Educational Training Association (MABETA) was launched. The mission of this not-for-profit initiative is to educate residents of Holyoke and the surrounding communities about the art of classical ballet.

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